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Poem by Renee Springhorne

Statement from Carl Riccio

October 26

"It has been brought to my attention, that Doug Forrester, has made comments to the effect, that I have been taken advantage of by me expressing myself supporting Senator Corzine, and specifically supporting his stance on embryonic stem cell research.  I am releasing this statement to clear up any misunderstanding. I am completely aware that when I came out in support of Senator Corizine and his stance on embryonic stem cell research I would automatically be involved in controversy.  That is the nature of politics, and sadly, the search for a cure for dozens of diseases and conditions with embryonic stem cell research is a political issue.  

I have never met, therefore I do not know Doug Forrester.  I am sure he is a good man, but he does not support the public funding of embryonic stem cell research, which at this time still gives us the best hope of a cure for central nervous system diseases and spinal cord injuries.  Public funding will make the research move faster, therefore finding cures sooner.  

"A person in my condition is very aware of every thing that is going on throughout the world that can possibly cure spinal cord injuries.  Just like most people who are afflicted by a disease such as diabetes, cancer etc.   We become well read on our particular medical problem. It would be hard pressed for any lay person to know more about spinal cord injuries, and what is going on in the world as far as research goes, for a cure, then me.

 "A few months ago Doug Forrester's office called my mother to ask her if she was interested in meeting with Doug Forrester's campaign to discuss Stem cell research.  She said she would be happy to and if  Forrester's office would name the place and time she would be there.   My mother never heard back.  I can assure you I am well aware of Mr. Forrester's stance on stem cells as well as embryonic stem cell research.

"With all that I have just said I hope it is clear that not only was I not taken advantage of   by being in the commercial supporting embryonic stem cell research, and Senator Corzines campaign for Governor, but that my presence and words were well thought out and understood."

Thank you very much,

Carl Riccio

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